Draft William Shatner for Canadian Governor General campaign heats up on Facebook, draws media attention

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Canada's current Governor General is nearing the end of her 5-year term and it will soon be time to find the next one, and one of the names being put forth is William Shatner. A Facebook page called Help nominate William Shatner for Governor General of Canada, created in March, has made the news after attracting over 15,000 supporters. Yesterday when I checked it for the first time it was already nearing 18,000, and now it has surpassed 22,000.

The extra media attention is one of the reasons for the sudden rapid growth, and some of the articles on the group are here, here, here, here, and here.

Star Trek-wise I'm definitely a Picard fan, but Patrick Stewart isn't Canadian and without the original Star Trek there wouldn't have been a second Star Trek anyway, so I'm definitely a supporter of the idea to make him GG. Note that the first link mentions reasons besides his role in Star Trek for being GG, and in fact it wasn't William Shatner who is responsible for being remembered more as Captain Kirk than anything else - that was our doing. Well, and Roddenberry's, for creating such a fascinating show.

Leonard Nimoy was in Vulcan today (Vulcan, Alberta), and agrees with the idea. You can see the interview in the third link on the right.

Here's where Vulcan is located in Alberta. I remember visiting there way back in the mid-80s as a child.

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Personally I think this is something Stephen Colbert should be interested in given his affinity for interfering with local politics (remember the Hungarian bridge?) and space.

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