Next Korean Naro rocket to launch perhaps in May or June this year (2010)

Monday, February 08, 2010

Just saw this on TV, and an article in Korean here has some more information, saying that the second launch of the rocket could take place as soon as late May. The last rocket was built through Russian and Korean technology, and this one as well is the same, with the first stage being built in Russia right now. At the end of March or beginning of April it will be shipped to Korea where the rest of it will be assembled.

A press conference was also held today to announce the reason why the last launch failed. The launch itself was fine, but the rocket wasn't able to place the satellite in the correct orbit. Luckily the problem was on the Korean side, because Korea is paying for the rocket and at least there will be no questions about cooperating with another country to build it. The exact problem with the separation is impossible to know, but apparently there are two possibilities: either fairing separation didn't work due to a technical problem with the explosive used during the process, or it could have been a mechanical problem where one side simply got stuck.


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