What the...Avatar to be released in Italy on the 15th of January?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I was browsing through Google News in Italian just now and noticed this article about the countdown to Avatar. Hm? Surely that date has to be wrong, as the article was for January 11. But no, it turns out that yes, Italy will be the last country in the world to see Avatar, one day after Georgia too.

As of today the movie has grossed $1.335 billion and made an extra $48 million or so over the weekend in the US alone. So far it has made $110 million in France, and the addition of Italy (a country with around the same population as France) there should be no problem in eclipsing Titanic within a week or so. Thanks to Avatar we may end up with something along the lines of 200 million people having spent three hours of their lives watching a film based on a moon on an extrasolar planet, home to natives that speak a constructed language. Nothing wrong with that at all.


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