Lots of ich und ich songs on YouTube with lyrics for learning German

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Using music is a fun and effective way to learn a language, and when the lyrics are readily available it's even easier. One interesting thing about learning a language through music is that the best songs aren't always the best way to learn a language since really good songs (by which I mean highly original, inspired and generally not very radio-friendly music) often have lyrics that are difficult to interpret (Radiohead) or long spaces with no singing at all (Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden). The best songs for learning a language are generally fairly radio-friendly but not overly trendy, with a simple message and lots of repetition. Ich und ich is one of those bands, and on YouTube there are quite a few of their videos with the lyrics right in the video itself which makes it really easy to follow along. Here are three examples:


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