"Significant" exoplanet finding to be announced on the 19th of October

Friday, October 16, 2009

Keep an eye on this. It seems that in a few days there will be an announcement on a "significant" exoplanet discovery in the city of Porto in Portugal. Right now the Kepler Space Telescope is the most anticipated object in the field of exoplanet hunting and that is what is generally thought to be the first one that will announce the discovery of the first known Earth-like planet outside our solar system, but ground-based observatories are no slouches either, especially the 3.6-metre telescope used by HARPS, which is the same one that discovered Gliese 581 c, as well as Gliese 581 e, which has a mass only 1.9 times that of the Earth (but far too close to the star to be inhabitable).


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