October 2009: Amazon finally launches Kindle in Norway

Friday, October 23, 2009

I thought that this would have been done a long time ago but it looks like this hasn't been the case, as an article from today tells us.
Amazon.com's director Steve Kessel is ready to present the new digital reader Kindle to the Norwegian market, but Amazon is still lacking an agreement with a Norwegian publisher and thus no Norwegian titles are available.

"Kindle will be a success in Norway. Norway is one of Kindle's top countries", said Steve Kessel to VG Nett.

A full 250,000 books, newspapers and magazines are available in English however in the digital reader which is adapted to purchase books wirelessly over the internet.

"Every book that exists in any language is available within 60 seconds", Kessel explained.
According to Aftenposten, Amazon will allow Norwegian publishers to determine the retail price themselves, while they offer 35% of the turnover.

Norwegian bookstores have said that they prefer to launch their own solutions for Norwegian e-books. A Kindle reader will cost over 2000 kroner ($360 USD) including shipping.

That's still a bit vague. This article gives a bit more information - though the lack of a deal with a Norwegian publisher means that Norwegians only have access to English titles through Amazon.com, pdf files and whatnot without DRM copyright protection can be downloaded and read, so Norwegian books can be read through other means.


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