Fueleconomy.gov to be available in Spanish soon at ahorremosgasolina.gov

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Typing in ahorremosgasolina.gov (let's save gasoline.gov) will redirect the user to fueleconomy.gov where a tiny button on the right leads to a few Spanish pages, but according to the Los Angeles Times this is expected to increase quite a bit as more and more pages are added on.

The other interesting fact from the article: the site already receives over 100,000 visitors per day. To put that in perspective here it is compared to ctv.ca, one of Canada's largest broadcasters:

The site is featuring an article here that is no surprise at all - consumers are willing to buy more environmentally conscious plug-in hybrids but only if they are a bit more expensive than regular cars. At up to $2,500 more than a regular car 46% said there was "some chance" they would buy a hybrid, then at $5,000 more it fell to 30%, followed by only 14% for a car that cost $10,000 more.


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