BBC Persian video on Iskandar Lake (Iskandarkul) in Tajikistan

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Iskanderkul seems to be quite the lake. It's located right in the middle of the mountains to the northwest of the capital Dushanbe, and BBC Persian did an interview with a guy from London the other day by the side of the lake. What makes him special is that he has been travelling across Europe and Asia with his bicycle all this time, through countries such as Bulgaria in Europe and Turkey, Iran and others in Asia. The guy's name is Ben Rowlands and he has a site here, and the videos for BBC Persian (in Persian but you can still make out most of the English interview even in spite of the dubbing and the lake looks fantastic in any language) can be seen here and here - the first is a link from BBC Persian itself with the article and the second link is a YouTube version of the same video without the text.

So where exactly is the lake? Right here.

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