Portuguese entrepreneurs studying the construction of a 2000 megawatt solar centre in Alentejo

Sunday, September 13, 2009

According to an article here in Portuguese. Europe has been doing a lot recently to increase the production of renewable energy for the continent, such as a project that would send electricity generated in the Sahara Desert to Europe. Apparently countries such as Portugal are also in a good enough location that construction of large solar centres would be worthwhile, especially in an area like Alentejo. Here's a small part of the article (my knowledge of Portuguese comes mostly from similarities to French, Spanish and Interlingua so I don't want to attempt to translate too much just in case).

A group of Portuguese entrepreneurs are studying the construction of a gigantic solar centre in Alentejo, of 2,000 megawatts in scope, to export green electricity to Northern Europe. The investment would create a new industrial cluster in the country and could cost seven million euros.

The high concentration photovoltaic megacentre, using North American and German technology, is an issue that has been in preparation for several months. When installed it would occupy around 5,000 hectares in an unspecified zone in Alentejo. The Government of the European Commission has already given its support for the project considering European interests.

The megacentre is estimated to begin in 2011 over a phased execution of seven years.


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