Do people in Quebec approve or disapprove of Jacques Demers being made a senator?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Short explanation: Jacques Demers is the coach that last brought the Stanley Cup to Montreal, since then he has been a commentator and also an advocate for literacy after he revealed a few years ago that he had been functionally illiterate most of his life.

I haven't seen any scientific polls on this, but on La Presse they have a daily poll where the most recent question is about the nomination. To the question: "Do you approve of the nomination of Jacques Demers as a senator?" to 7480 people, at the moment 31% say yes, 49% say no, and 21% are indifferent. About half a day ago at 4000+ people the results were more or less the same too, so I don't expect much change in these numbers over the next few hours as the online poll finalizes.

The next thing to do is compare these raw numbers with voting trends, to see if the approval/disapproval is greater or lesser than those. A recent poll here gives us some numbers: right now 17% of Quebecers would vote for the Conservatives, an increase of 4 points since mid June. Also, 61% of Quebecers are unsatisfied with the current government. Though once again this poll is unscientific, it would seem to show that even though a majority of Quebecers are a bit distrustful of the move and probably find it to be a cynical ploy to garner support in Quebec, it's still a beloved figure of theirs and thus the approval rating is quite a bit higher than Conservative support in the province, and disapproval lower than the overall dissatisfaction with the government. In other words, there is a non-insignificant number of people that are of the opinion that they don't like this government, but maybe they got it right on this one.


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