Iranian election roundup, 2 June 2009

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Ten(!) days left.

The candidates:

Ahmadinejad (محمود احمدی نژاد, top left) - you all know him, he wants a second term
Rezaei (محسن رضایی, bottom left) - he's a former commander of the Revolutionary Guard, and even more of a hardliner than Ahmadinejad. His role will be to take hardliner votes away from those disappointed in Ahmadinejad.
Mousavi (میر حسین موسوی, top right) - the other main contender, he was endorsed by former president Khatami and has reformist tendencies. He was prime minister in the 1980s.
Karroubi (محدی کروبی, bottom right) - reformist, and also the only cleric running for office. Says he'll support Mousavi in the second ballot if there is a runoff. It's also possible that he might drop out earlier to support Mousavi.
The debates have started now and the first one took place today between Karroubi and Rezaei, and you can see the debate format in the video below. It resembles more of a sit-down discussion on a news program and comes across as a bit tame, but then again this debate for both of them is more about getting their message across (since neither of the two are really competing for the same votes), and perhaps more sparks will fly in the others.

Tomorrow will be the big debate: Mousavi and Ahmadinejad.



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