High school four-part Latin soap opera called Pacifica premieres today

Sunday, June 14, 2009

There's an interesting article here on a high school that has created a four-part teen soap opera all in Latin called Pacifica. It's playing at a theatre called the Aero Theatre but says that it has subtitles - not sure how the subtitles work; perhaps they're on the screen behind the students. Since it's 2009 I can only assume that somebody will be filming the presentation, so perhaps check with the school in a few days to see what's available. Since the school is in multilingual California there's a good chance the students will have much better pronunciation than your average east-coast Latin student.

I'll contact the school as well, but if you get information on the play before I do then leave a comment below.


Anonymous said...

check out this link for more information on "Pacifica:"


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