Quick geography tip: how to remember what Iran looks like

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some countries have a very distinctive shape that makes them extremely easy to remember. This one for example:

That's obviously Japan.

Australia looks like a leaping dolphin, so that's easy too. Iraq is a triangle, Turkey is a long rectangle, Italy looks like a boot. What about Iran though? Iran looks like this:

Doesn't look like anything, does it?

Not so fast: Iran does resemble something. A sleeping cat.

(image comes from here)

All you have to do is take that cat's hips and move them ever so slightly down so that his head is higher than them, and you have a spitting image of Iran.


R.W. said...

Oh that's great!

Yankee said...

In elementary school geography, i was able to recognize because i thought it look kinda like a camel.

Matt said...

Personally, it's easier for me to see it as Iran than as a cat.

It is, after all, a fairly popular country, and the only one that looks like it.

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