First Turkish international school opens in Egypt

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This time it was an English paper (Los Angeles Times) that had the story first. This is another Fethullah Gülen school, quite common in places like Central Asia, and I've written one post about them before here.

The school's name is the Salahaldin International School and their site is here, and the first language in the school is English while this article says that Turkish, French and German are optional languages, and the capacity of the school is 500. This article also says that the school campus is 13,000 m² (that's about 115 m x 115 m).

As for exactly where the school is located, I think this is where it is.

View Larger Map

If you compare it to the location map here you can see the police academy (where all the flags are) the Cairo Suez Road, and the Ring Road.


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