German priest in trouble for taking liberties with Playmobil figures

Friday, April 03, 2009

There's an article here in Norwegian about a priest that has created a site that kind of reminds me of The Brick Testament. The big difference is that this site has a lot of background information along with the figures. Here's one new story from the site about the worst wedding in the world, that starts out with quite the introduction to the story:

Ever been to a bad wedding? The Bible contains a story of a wedding that will beat yours hands down! Imagine a wedding where the guests hate the groom, cheat him and deflower his bride!

Now part of the article:
Den tyske presten Markus Bombard har fått problemer med leketøysprodusenten Playmobil etter å ha tatt seg for store friheter med deres kjente og kjære figurer.
The German priest Markus Bombard has problems with the toy manufacturer Playmobil after having taken too many liberties with their well-known and beloved figurines.
Med et stearinlys som arbeidsverktøy har Bombard delvis smeltet om playmofigurer så de passer bedre inn i "guds bilde". Bildene av figurene er deretter postet på prestens blogg, Playmo-Bible - der han enkelt forklarer forskjellige kristne temaer og livssyn ved hjelp av de små krabatene.
With a candle as a tool Bombard has partially melted Playmobil figurines so that they can pass better as "God's image". The pictures of the figurines are then posted on the priest's blog, Playmo-Bible - where he easily explains various Christian themes and beliefs with help from the small creatures.
Men leketøysprodusenten er ikke like store fans, og truer nå med å dra guds mann inn foran en domstol, for brudd på opphavsretten.
But the toy producer is not such a large fan, and now threatens to drag God's man into court for copyright infringement.

And part of the company's press statement:
- I privat sammenheng, for samlere og fans, så er vi som regel veldig tolerante i forhold til spesialmoderering av playmofigurer.
- In a private setting for collectors and fans we are as a rule very tolerant on special changes made to the Playmobile figurines.
- Men denne manipulasjonen er for omfattende til at vi kan godta den. I tillegg må vi reagere når noen tar i bruk flammer for å omforme lekene. De er jo laget av lett antennelig plast...
- But this manipulation is too extensive for us to accept. In addition we have to react when someone makes use of flames to transform the toys. They are made of flammable plastic...


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