Huffington Post being silly again - "ZOMG Hillary Clinton Not Invited To Obama's Health Care Planning Sessions!!!"

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Yesterday the Huffington Post had yet another silly (intentionally provocative) title near the front: Hillary Clinton Not Invited To Obama's Health Care Planning Sessions.

Oh my! Not invited? How can that be?

Oh wait, because she's the Secretary of State. It's not her job to have anything to do with health care. And even worse, the article they were mentioning (this one from the New York Times) doesn't even start out with anything about Obama "not inviting" her to certain sessions, but rather that Clinton is (naturally) busy with being Secretary of State and thus is busy with Secretary of State-type things:

WASHINGTON — Hillary Rodham Clinton has not participated in any of the White House’s planning sessions on health care, the issue that defined her public persona during the 1990s. Intent on establishing herself as a powerful secretary of state, she has steered clear of public statements on the topic and has not discussed it in any detail with President Obama.
Luckily, the posters on the Huffington Post article also weren't fooled and just about every one has said the same thing as what I wrote: that her position has nothing to do with health care, so what's the big deal?

I like this comment in particular:
Hillary is not your bicycle. Hillary is not your President. Hillary is not your Secretary of Health and Human Services. Hillary is not your doctor. Hillary is not your insurance company. Hillary is not your ambulance. Hillary is not your podiatrist. Hillary is not your nurse's aide. Hillary is not your chiropractor. Hillary is not your pharmacist. Hillary is not your phlebotomist. Hillary is not your physician. Hillary is not your nurse. Hillary is not your wheelchair. Hillary is not your oxygen tank.

Hillary is your Secretary of State.


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