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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Papua Niugini igat antap long 800 tokples. Dispela namba emi makim olsem wanpela ten tu pesen (12%) bilong olgeta tokples long wol, na i no gat narapela kantri long wol i winim dispela namba bilong ol tokples. Igat tripela tokples bilong Palamen: Tok Inglis, Tok Pisin na Hiri Motu, tasol tokples bilong gavman na bigpela hap bilong ol sikul emi Tok Inglis.

I have a Tok Pisin textbook in my house for beginners that is fairly comprehensive, and I from it I should be able to make a pretty good vocabulary list for Tok Pisin to English, and then I might check Wikipedia in Tok Pisin for some other good words afterwards. This list will expand bit by bit as I add to it and it'll probably be done in a few days.

amamas - happy
askim - to ask
baim - to buy
bikpela - big
bilip - to believe
bilong - of (belong)
brata - brother
brukim - to break
buk - book
bung - to converse
dispela - this
dring - to drink
gat - have/got
giaman - liar
gutpela - good
hangere - hungry
hariap - hurry up
helpim - to help
holim - to hold
kaikai - to eat
kakaruk - chicken
kam - come
kantri - country
karamap - condom
kisim - to get/take
kolim - to call
kopi - coffee
liklik - small
loliwara - juice
long - to, in, from
lukim - to look, meet
lukluk - to look
lusim - to lose
maket - market
malolo - to take a break
man - man
mangi - man
manmeri - men and women
marit - to get married
mekim - to do
meri - woman
muli - lemon
naispela - nice
nambawan - number one
nem - name
opim - to open
papamama - parents
pik - pig
pis - fish
pikinini - child
pilai - play
pipel - people
pipia - garbage
raskol - gangster
ridim - to read
ringim - to telephone/ring
rot - road
rum - room
salim - to sell
save - to know
sik - sick
slip - sleepy
soim - to show
strongim - to strengthen
strongpela - strong
suim - to swim
sumatin - student
susu - milk
tambu - to forbid
tasol - only (that's all)
tisa - teacher
tokim - to talk
toktok - to talk
toromoi - throw away
tuarim - travel/tour
tude - today
tumas - really
tumoro - tomorrow
wantok - a group of people that speaks the same language
wari - to worry
winim - to win
wok - to work
wokabaut - to walk about


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