Return of the Latin mass to Tiverton, Rhode Island

Monday, January 26, 2009

Tiverton Fire Station. Population of the town is about 15,000.

Yet another article from a local newspaper on the return of the Latin mass to a Catholic church, this time at Holy Ghost Catholic Church. The great thing about the return of the Latin mass is that it's newsworthy enough to warrant a mention in the local paper, and that means a lot of articles still to be written on the event as other churches around the nation and in other countries prepare themselves to be able to carry it out if the parishioners want to have it again.
Sunday’s noon Mass lasted a little over an hour. The readings and homily (the sermon), were in English. The remainder of the ceremony was entirely in Latin (except for the ancient “Kyrie eleison” or “Lord have mercy,” which was in Greek), delivered in the Gregorian chanting style.

A guide book — Latin on the left, English on the right — was provided so that those attending could follow along.
I like this part:
“Every major religion has set aside a sacred language for the worship of God. There’s something to be said for worshipping in a language in which you’ve never cursed your fellow man,” Father Kocik said.
If Latin ever manages to come back as a living language of course there'll be plenty of cursing your fellow man in it.

Isn't that part of what those (mostly Yiddish or Ladino-speaking Jews I think) that opposed the revival of Hebrew as a language for a new nation were worried about?


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