Kazakhs to start messaging each other in the Kazakh language too

Saturday, December 13, 2008

From the Kazakh Wikipedia: Уикипедияға, Қазақша Ашық Энциклопедиясына, қош келдіңіз! <-- My rough half-Turkish romanization: Uikipediya'gha, Kazaksha ashik entsiklopedyasina, khosh keldiniz! Real Kazakh romanization: Wïkïpedïyağa, Qazaqşa Aşıq Éncïklopedïyasına, qoş keldiñiz! Standard Turkish equivalent would be: Vikipedi'ye, Kazakça açık ansiklopedisine, hoş geldiniz! (Welcome to Wikipedia, the Kazakh-language open encyclopedia)

Source: dunyabulteni.net

Short summary:

Starting next year, cell phone operators in Kazakhstan are going to have a Kazakh-language SMS service, which will be the first time this has happened. This is due to a new law that services related to society must be provided in the Kazakh language as well. Right now there are four telephone operators active in the country, and up to now messaging has generally been in Russian. Kazakhstan has a population of 16 million and 15 million cell phone subscribers.


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