Discussion in classical Latin on Latino sine Flexione (among other subjects)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Latino sine Flexione isn't a subject that comes up all that much (usually only when I bring up the subject actually), but it did last month on the Latin forums hosted by the Finnish YLE, where the famous Nuntii Latinii is created.

Some parts of the discussion that referred to LsF:

Spe forsitan resurectionis latinae sine flexione?

Hic indulgentiam pro latino sine flexione non expecto. Profecto non lingua latina nec interpretatio illius est ma conatum utopianum nuovae linguae creandae et tale manet.

Ad summam, sermo latinus sine flexione non solum ratione historica caret, sed etiam vi et utilitate, et est damno et latinae linguae et latine loquentibus. Quod ad difficultates flexionis, nil est quod homo discere non possit: nemo nostrum est, ut puto, unguis unus Leonardi Vinciensis, atqui latine didicimus, non male, quantum ex epistulis vestris legere possum: num ceteri europaei nobis stultiores sunt? recuso hoc credere de populis his, qui sunt inter antiquissimos cultissimosque in orbe terrarum.

From what I understand (about half) it's a discussion on whether Latin is capable of being Europe's international language again, and LsF came up as another possibility in making it happen. Looks like one of the typical discussions you can see almost every day on Auxlang, actually.


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