Barack Obama Florida radio ad on increasing funding for NASA

Friday, October 17, 2008

Well, at least space is getting some attention somewhere. Here's the mp3 of a radio ad that's playing in Florida about funding for NASA. Obama's campaign has always had a strong focus on local ads like these on just about every issue people in the area would be most swayed by.


Hi, this is Senator Bill Nelson. Here in Central Florida, America's space program is a way of life. So compare the two presidential candidates. Barack Obama wants a $2 billion increase for NASA, which would lessen the job losses expected at the Cape. I advised Barack on his plan. And it also includes an additional Space Shuttle flight for science. But John McCain's party mocks this proposal as "part of a liberal fiscal agenda". And McCain even wants to freeze NASA spending at last year's level, so layoffs would loom larger and NASA would continue to be starved of funds for future exploration. No wonder Florida Today wrote "Obama trumped McCain on space". This is Senator Bill Nelson. When it comes to protecting space and NASA, the choice for president is clear. Barack Obama.


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