John Fund knows what the Bush Doctrine is (and is just pretending that he doesn't)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Here's a video from yesterday where John Fund makes the claim that he doesn't even know exactly what the Bush doctrine is:

5:30 or so into the video:

Bill Maher: Who did not know about the Bush doctrine? Please tell me, specifically. Who didn't?
John Fund: I certainly wouldn't have known exactly what...

Taking a look at this link though, we find the following from November 11, 2006:

Fund: Look, let's be clear. The Bush doctrine isn't dead, but it's in the freezer, and it's not coming out anytime soon. Look at the message that the elections and Bush's sudden and dramatic departure of Rumsfeld sends to the world. All of our allies are saying, We know what this tells us. The United States is going to pull in its horns. It's not going to be as serious about its foreign policy.
Note that he's not claiming in the video to not know anything about it, but that there are a number of them and that it's hard to tell which one you're talking about using the term Bush doctrine, but in the quote above it's clear which one he's talking about (preemptive strikes) and thus is speaking on the assumption that the Bush doctrine is clear and well-defined.


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