The Onion Blockbuster spoof shows just how fast technology changes

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Here's a good video from The Onion that shows just how fast technology can change over a decade:

Historic 'Blockbuster' Store Offers Glimpse Of How Movies Were Rented In The Past

Just think, ten years ago this is where we were:

  • The first component of the International Space Station was launched:

Zarya module as seen from STS-88 (NASA)

Now it looks like this:

The International Space Station as seen from the departing Space Shuttle Discovery on STS-124

  • A Pentium 266MHz was top of the line.
Here's an ad from 1998 from somebody selling their computer:
For sale
Pentium 166
32 meg memory
100 meg hard drive (C)
420 meg hard drive (D)
Tape backup with tapes.
Ethernet card (RJ45 & BNC)
19" Color monitor
Mirage Z128 VGA card Fast, real fast.
Put it together and hardly ever used it.
$ 700.00 or $ 650 without drive D
  • World population was a bit under 6 billion. It's increased by 700 million since then.
  • Saying the world Google back then only brought to mind a number composed of 1 plus 100 zeroes. There was no ten years ago.
  • There was no Euro except on paper.
  • Cassini had just begun its trip to Saturn.
  • Nintendo 64 was top of the line.
And so on. Luckily music back then was just as good as now (embedding is disabled for this video so I can't show it here).


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