Coheleth (Ecclesiastes) in Occidental/Interlingue: 1:1 - 1:7

Sunday, June 29, 2008

There's going to be a new translation project starting soon by a colleague of mine, and since I've been curious about exactly how Occidental works recently I might as well translate Ecclesiastes into that language too considering how well I know it. I still don't know Occidental that well though so this will need corrections.

It's certainly true that Occidental is a lot terser than Interlingua.

As always, I'm using the New American Standard Bible, the version most faithful to the original meaning.

  • 1:1 Li paroles del Coheleth, li filio di David, rey in Jerusalem.
  • 1:2 "Vanitá de vanitás," di Coheleth,
  • "Vanitá de vanitá! Omnicos es vanitá."
  • 1:3 Qual avantage have li hom in omni su labor
  • Quel il fa sub li sole?
  • 1:4 Un generation vade e un generation veni,
  • Ma li terre resta por sempre.
  • 1:5 Anc, li sole ascende e li sole descende;
  • E hastante a su loco it ta ascende denov.
  • 1:6 Sufflante vers li sude,
  • Poy tornante vers li nord,
  • Li vente continua virler along;
  • E in su curses circulari li vente retorna.
  • 1:7 Omni riveres flue ad-in li mare,
  • Támen li mare ne es plen.
  • Al loco u li riveres flue,
  • Ta ili flue denov.


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