App to build Korean vocabulary with hanja

Friday, February 03, 2017

I haven't installed this app to try it out but it looks like just my type:

Korean doesn't but also does use hanja, and a knowledge of maybe 100 of them plus the way they work in the language is probably essential for true fluency. A lot of Koreans themselves misunderstand them: I heard one the other day explaining the 문 in 백문불여일견 as 文 instead of 聞 (which still does make sense but is technically incorrect unless you're using 文 on purpose), but they have the benefit of Korean being their mother tongue to make up for it. For an outsider, knowledge of hanja is actually a way to speed up the process of learning and understanding vocabulary, a way to create a sort of internal dictionary of root words that you can access at any time. Learning them is very highly recommended.


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