Membus coming to 10 countries, including Portugal

Friday, December 18, 2015

The Kickstarter for Memrise's membus campaign has just ended, and it will include 10 countries. They had started out with an original goal of 50,000 pounds or something and other countries included in their stretch goal, and a few days before the campaign ended they had reached the point where they would go to Denmark but no farther. Now they've reached an amount where Norway and Sweden are included as well.

Just to explain the concept: they go around in a bus, record native speakers, and use that for their courses. They've already done this with English in the UK and now get to expand it. Apparently the CEO went without a salary for three months to buy the bus.

The other thing I like about doing it by bus is that they have to go to Portugal after Spain. So many Portuguese courses ignore Portugal for Brazil in spite of other countries like Angola, Mozambique etc. using a Portuguese much closer to the European version than the Brazilian one.

Also, one backer is not happy that they used the term "Swedish babes".


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