Italy's Vivarium Novum is still doing great

Monday, October 26, 2015

I think I wrote about this program a few times a few years ago, and it seems to be doing even better than ever, reaching a level where prospective students have to be turned away now.

I found the part about the Malawi government selecting someone to attend the most interesting:
“Humanist languages are not archaeological relics,” argues Miraglia. “They’re a key to all fields of knowledge. They open up the mind. Latin is the mother tongue of our civilization and humanism is the key to peace and tolerance. The crisis of modern language is the crisis of today’s world. If you neglect your past, how can you understand the present, and most of all the future?” 
Chikondi Medson, 20, comes from a Zulu village in Malawi, where his father earned 60 cents a day. His country’s government selected him to attend the academy for his outstanding academic skills. 
“In Homer’s works I find so many rituals and values of my own community. Like when Aeneas transports the dead body of his beloved father Anchises, that part of ‘The Iliad’ really hit me,” he said. “I was moved.”


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