What Koreans think of hanja

Monday, November 03, 2014

It's not very often that one finds a Gallup poll on a subject such as this: what Koreans think of hanja. That pdf is all in Korean. Here are some of the results:

How inconvenienced do you think you would be not knowing any hanja?
2002: 70% inconvenienced 30% not inconvenienced
2014: 54% inconvenienced 46% not inconvenienced

Do you see hanja as Korean, or foreign?
2014: 47% Korean, 48% foreign
(2002 pretty much the same)

Do you think hanja should be mixed in with hangul?
2002: 55% should be mixed 33% should only use hangul 12% don't know
2014: 57% should be mixed 41% should only use hangul 2% don't know

Starting in 2018 textbooks for 3rd graders and above will use hanja along with hangul. What do you think?
67% in favour 29% opposed 3% don't know

That's the very basic summary of it. The actual pdf gets into how in favour and how opposed respondents are, opinion by region, etc. etc.


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