Germany in 1912: Images 261 to 265

Monday, July 21, 2014

The statue of Roland, the defender of municipal liberties, was erected in 1412; it remains as a symbol of the rights and privileges of the city of Bremen.

The Burgerpark, planted from scratch in swampy grasslands, is now a beautiful forest with the largest variety of species.

Bremen City Hall. - Its main structure dates back to the early fifteenth century along with the sixteen statues, including the emperor and the seven electors, backed by piers on the first floor.

The Ratskeller (basement of the Town Hall) of Bremen is famous throughout Germany, certainly for its age because it dates from the fifteenth century, and also by the quality of its wines.

The Hotel of Norddeutscher Lloyd of stands in the center of the city, a large and massive construction of bluish stone dominated by a tower 75 metres in height.


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