Germany in 1912: Images 251 to 260

Sunday, July 13, 2014

A student carnival. - It is in Leipzig that these festivals and carnivals are of greatest splendor and have the greatest impact.

The Frühschoppen. - Students in Jena will have a Frühschoppen on Sunday in the Marktplatz, a meal of sausages and beer partaken in Germany at around ten o'clock in the morning.

Binge drinking. - Under the tables covered with an army of empty bottles, dozens of bottles are kept cool. One student, charged with that duty, provides his comrades with full bottles.

Beer baptism. - Among the fantastic events that new students are subjected to before being officially admitted to the corporations, one of the most characteristic is certainly the beer baptism. The seniors, perched on chairs and tables, dump the content of their glasses on the mats.

A centenary. - An important festival should be celebrated with a special pageantry.

Bremen. - Less favored by nature than Hamburg, Bremen carries out a magnificent struggle against its powerful neighbor, a living lesson for all commercial cities of the world.

The Great Bridge of Bremen. - The Weser River it crosses had only two metres of depth 25 years ago.Today its depth is seven meters and tonnage on the river port has quintupled.

The Bremen stock market is a beautiful Gothic style building. The room is very impressive and richly decorated.

Bremen City Hall. - The large room, forty meters long, nine meters high, is one of the finest of its kind. Its ceiling is decorated with models of ancient warships.

Freeport Bremen contains the largest basin in Europe: 2300 meters long in a straight line. The quays are bordered with railroads with electric cranes every 30 or 40 meters.


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