Germany in 1912: Images 51 to 60

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Tietz. -- The rival house of Wertheim, and almost as large and lavish. It boasts the largest exhibition rooms in the world for fashion and couture.

Berlin. From left to right: General Von Bülow, Equestrian statue of Friedrich Wilhelm III, General Von Scharnhorst.

Berlin. From left to right: Wilhelm I. The same on horse. A Brandenburg delegate.

Wannsee. -- From place to place along the beach, "boards" are furnished with tables where the bathers, upon leaving the water, can have a beer while finishing drying.

Norderney. -- German modesty does not tolerate this kind of frolicking anymore at Norderney; men and women bathe separately today, five hundred metres of each other.

Norderney. - The pier-walk, for the same puritan reasons, is arranged far from where bathers frolic, which does not add to the amenities of this beach.

Norderney. - The most happy at Norderney are the children who can take part in all the games of their age without having trouble with the prudishness of the Prussian administration.

Working gardens. -- On the outskirts of large cities, owner companies split huge tracts of land into plots that they lease for a nominal fee to city workers.

Thanks to the industrious activity of the tenants, the ground once bare has nice cabins; gardens are emerging where roses and vines grow.

The successful initiative of the Gartenlauben gives workers a healthy and inexpensive place of leisure; large areas there are equipped for children's games.


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