Germany in 1912: Images 231 to 240

Sunday, June 29, 2014

A prison is located on the third floor of the "Aula". Students who failed in an academic discipline are enclosed there. Bismarck got to know the dungeon as well for having had a pistol fight.

The prison consists of four small rooms arranged in cells.

Cell. - The walls are covered with colorful drawings, a pastime of the prisoners.

A march. - The ideal of the students: to resemble the officer, to not reveal oneself only in uniform and with the rapier.

A procession. - Every "Corps" and each "Burschenschaft" has its flag with emblems, colors and its special ribbons.

A religious service. - Some students attend religious services in public bodies and all these demonstrations show how seriously they take them.

Borussia counted among its members every son of the Emperor and the Emperor himself. The election of new members is also subject to the approval of William II.

Duels. - The sword lesson. - Each afternoon, students go to the armory and train in the sword and saber.

A duel. - Preparations. - Being just about slashing the other, the opponents wear a padded tie, leather bands, an armband, a breastplate, a leather apron and goggles.

The meeting. - In principle, the duel consists of sixty rounds of three blows. If before the end too serious injuries are received, the fighting stops on the intervention of the "second" of his client away from combat.


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