Germany in 1912: Images 21 to 30

Sunday, June 01, 2014

German Artillery. -- A battery has taken its positions for combat under the amused eye of onlookers. Behind every piece, the pointers (cannon aimers) on their feet and the servants on their knees, are at their regulatory position.
River Passage. -- In the absence of fords or boat bridges, the horses cross the rivers swimming, while the riders keep their heads above the water.
Left: An Ulan patrol. Right: Sentry on outpost.
Top: a cavalry charge. Bottom: Infantry maneuvers.
Foreign officers invited to the maneuvers follow the phases of military operations.
A wireless telegraph post.
Military Aviation. -- The departure of an airplane to the large maneuvers. The pilot and his aide verify the different parts of the craft before taking flight.
Against aerial enemies. -- To defend against the fast and powerful enemies that dirigibles and airplans have become, those in ballastics have envisioned the special gun pictured here.
The Emperor at the Maneuvers. -- A questionable strategist, Wilhelm II has no shortage of military sense. His presence at the maneuvers stimulates the zeal of the generals for whom he controls and discusses the initiatives.
The Standards -- Gleaming in gold embroidery, the flags of the newly created regiments march past the Emperor, prested by the standard-bearing officers.


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