Germany in 1912: Images 191 to 200

Thursday, June 19, 2014

At Hoechst. A pig is subject to a hypodermic vaccination.

Bloodletting treatment being performed on a horse

Hanover has very nice Renaissance houses and one of the most beautiful, now converted into a museum, is that of Leibnitz, whose facade is richly decorated with sculptures.

Elberfeld. -- The raised railroad requires a particular method of inspection, where the monitor travels along the lign, sitting on a velocipede.

Hanover -- One arrives at the castle of Herrenhausen by an avenue of lime trees two kilometres long, entering a park designed in the manner of France's Le Nôtre.

Hanover -- The old City Hall, glazed and all in coloured brick, is of an attractive and cheerful gothic style.

Hanover -- The old houses sleeping on the banks of the Leine river.

Hanover. -- The provincial museum, constructed in a Renaissance style, contains the interesting gallery of Cumberland and the Museum of Guelph.

Hanover. -- The fountain of Hansel and Gretel, brother and sister of France's Petit Poucet.

Hanover -- This tomb, respected by man, has been bizarrely violated by nature.


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