Languages by state and province besides English, Spanish, and French

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Two maps popped up last week that show the #3 (in most cases) language by state in the US, and by province in Canada. In other words, the language besides English and Spanish in the US and the language besides English and French in Canada. In most cases this is the third most spoken language, but not always.

The US one is here, and is done by Slate. The most common language on the map: German. On the other hand, it's the #3 language predominantly in states with a fairly low population. The state with German with the highest population is...I will guess Ohio, correct me if I'm wrong.

French is doing fairly well on the east coast and in Louisiana, of course. And in Florida we have almost French.

Inspired by this, a Reddit user created one for Canada.

Apparently in Alberta's case German almost made it, but was about 10,000 short of Chinese.


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