760 million Francophones in 2060

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Another one of these studies on the future speaking population of French shows little surprise: French will continue to grow at the current rate of about 7 million speakers per year (slowing down somewhat later on), reaching 715 million by 2050 and 760 million ten years after that. The last time we saw an estimate of the current numbers it was 220 million in 2010, so the current number should be approaching 250 million soon.

All thanks to Africa of course: the article notes that in 2050 a full 85% of Francophones will be African, and in the age group 15-29 it will be even greater, 90%.

For a look at the current makeup, Francophonie.org has an interactive map here. Click on répartition par pays to see numbers by country, as well as sub-national group (Quebec, Saint Pierre et Miquelon etc. are treated separately). And the way things are going in Quebec (election on Monday), it won't be a country any time soon.


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