What percentage of scientific publications are in Spanish?

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Instead of just revealing the number in the title, imagine what you think it is and then follow the link here to find the number. By the way, it's in fifth place and German is second after English. The article doesn't say which languages are in between but I will guess French, and...Japanese.

For posterity's sake (if the link dies in a year, for example) I'll include a paragraph from the article, and just white it out.

El volumen muestra datos contundentes. En la base de datos SCI, que indexa 8.300 revistas especializadas de 150 disciplinas científicas, el 97% de sus más de siete millones de artículos publicados entre 2005 y 2010 está en inglés. El alemán es el segundo idioma, con un porcentaje inferior al 1%. Y el español aparece como quinta lengua, con un ínfimo 0,24% de las publicaciones.


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