Boeing 787 Dreamliner similar to 777 in the first year and a half of service

Sunday, March 23, 2014

This article addresses a question I've wanted to see answered for quite some time now, namely whether all the news about Boeing Dreamliners being grounded for this or that reason mean they have problems at this stage that other Boeing models did not have in their infancy. Since the Boeing 777 was first introduced in 1994 when the Internet still looked like this:

it did not have the same 24/7 scrutiny this new model has.

We have our answer now to the question above:
As part of their work, team members compared service reliability data from the time the aircraft first started service with similar data from other Boeing airplane models. They found that it had the same reliability performance in the 16 months of service as that of other new Boeing models over the same time period, including the Boeing 777.
Which is nice to know.

I've flown a Dreamliner twice now, both times on United in between Denver and Seoul, and found the following:

-- The plane feels rather 'bendy' compared to others.
-- It is somewhat quieter (sound during cruising feels like another plane during taxiing), windows are larger, lighting is interesting, etc. However:
-- It is not worth an extra layover. I chose a route with an extra layover just so I could see what a Dreamliner is like on the inside, and it's nicer in the sense that a newer bus is nicer than an older one. But it's still a bus.


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