How to fix language hotkeys not working in Windows 7 and 8

Saturday, February 08, 2014

One problem I've had since I switched to Windows 7 a year and a half ago and Windows 8 a few months after that was this. Namely, that hotkeys to switch from one language to another would simply disappear. In XP I had about seven input languages set up for just about every number on the keyboard, that were activated with ctrl + shift + number, and in the newer versions of Windows they would simply vanish, though oddly enough some languages would always remain. Eventually I just began using Windows key + space to switch from language to language, which works fine but takes a bit longer.

But then a few days ago someone came along on the thread with the solution. It involves applying language bar settings to the welcome screen. I tried that, and now my hotkeys are working perfectly again. English (Dvorak) is 6, Korean is 2, Chinese is 3, Japanese is 4, Persian 5, Portuguese 8, Bulgarian 9. Everything is as it should be once again.


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