Equatorial Guinea's CPLP adhesion, December 2013

Sunday, February 02, 2014

A somewhat recent update on Equatorial Guinea's attempts to join the CPLP. Here's part of it in English:

Equatorial Guinea continues to hope to join the CPLP, but according to the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Luís Campos Ferreira, "there is still a way to go, whether in the promotion of an effective use of the Portuguese language, or in terms of human rights, namely a moratorium on the death penalty."

In response, the ambassador of Equatorial Guinea José Dougan Chumbum affirmed that "Guinea will abolish the death penalty - the question is only where, when and how."

With the 2014 summit in Dili approaching, Equatorial Guinea hopes to achieve a favourable view to cement themselves to the CPLP.

To underline his country's belonging to the Lusophone countries, ambassador Chubum, who made his remarks in Spanish, drew attention to the historic character that joins Equatorial Guinea and Portugal -- a Portuguese colony for three hundred years, Guinea was ceded later to Spain through an accord between the Iberian countries, which resulted in the current position of Guinea as the only Spanish African country. "Guinea is culturally and morally Portuguese", the ambassador defended.


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