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Monday, October 21, 2013

A short while after publishing my first interlinear book: Demian - An Interlinear Translation, a friend of mine contacted me about how I had arranged the translation below the original text. The book looks like this:

which makes it look like I used some sort of software to automatically arrange one line below the other. Unfortunately that was not the case. I spent a while searching for something that could do the trick, found nothing, and eventually just went with massive hitting of the spacebar below each and every line. I would not recommend doing that. Fortunately my love of the book itself made this less than a dreary task and I was able to spacebar this book into existence.

A while later this friend began developing his own software to automate the task, started a test site that he (and I, a bit) used for a few months on two more open-source books, and yesterday he has given me permission to announce the website to the world.

So here it is:

I am pleased to see that he has explained the methodology as well:

just in case anyone comes along and asks why the translation below is so awkward at times. This is exactly the point - such a translation is supposed to keep nudging the reader toward the original text and away from the translation. However, it should never be so unclear that the reader is forced to go and pick up a dictionary to confirm what a sentence is supposed to mean.


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