Death per terawatt hour, the Pope's letter to la Repubblica, Quebec the oil producer

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Three tabs to get rid of today:

This chart showing the number of deaths per TWh by energy source. Coal is of course right near the top at 161 deaths, oil is next at 36, natural gas is way behind at 4, biomass is 12, peat is 12. After that we have the final two stragglers: hydro at 1.4, and nuclear is the dunce of the deaths per TWh class at just 0.04.

This letter by Papa Francesco to La Repubblica made news a few weeks ago, as it's not very often that one of the letters to the editor is submitted by the Pope. The letter was submitted in response to another letter about secularism and non-belief.

Radio-Canada has a section containing a number of articles about the subject Le Québec, producteur de pétrole? which goes into much more detail than one would usually see on a website about the subject, with what appears to be about 30 links on Quebec's potential to join the 36 per TWh club.


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