Countries that don't have the US or EU as largest export partner

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Wikipedia has a list here of countries by leading export and import partner, which begins with the following:

For most countries in the world, their leading export and import trading partner in terms of value is either the European Union, or to a lesser degree, the United States.

So which countries in the list don't have the US or the EU as their largest trading partner? I've used one of those "countries I've visited" map makers to show which countries don't have the US or the EU as their largest export partner, will likely do the import side tomorrow. Not all countries had data on this and were listed as n/a, but for the most part were easy to guess. Libya...I've guessed EU, but many Arab to south African countries have China listed instead.

Here it is:

Edit: the other map of countries is now done.


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