New poll: should German be given equal status to English and French in the European Union?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

There's a new poll on the right, which came about from a number of articles a few week ago on giving German equal status to English and French in the European Parliament, Commission and Council. This article in English and this one in French provide some background.

The official Wahlprogramm for the CDU is here as pdf (128 pages), and on the German language in the EU it has the following:

Deutsch ist die meistgesprochene Muttersprache und eine der drei 
    German     is    the             most spoken                    mother tongue    and     one  of the  three

Verfahrenssprachen in der Europäischen Union. Wir 
         procedural languages    in    the          European             Union.      We

setzen uns dafür ein, die deutsche Sprache in Europa weiter zu 
                 are committed,          the      German      language   in   Europe       further   to

stärken. Unser Ziel ist, dass sie in den EU-Behörden und 
 strengthen.      Our     goal    is      that    it    in    the    EU        agencies       and

-Verwaltungen mit dem Englischen und Französischen 
          authorities         with                     English           and             French

gleich behandelt wird.
             be treated equally.

I had considered putting in a great number of options, but there is almost no end to the options: an IAL should be the working language and all others should be given equal status, German and Spanish should be added, only English should be the working language, English and an IAL, etc. etc. etc., so simple is probably best here.


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