Moldovans that don't know any Russian: 1%

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This is from two years ago and the numbers were a bit surprising to me - I had thought the number would be around 25% but it turns out it's just 1.

Results of the latest CBS-AXA survey show that 62% of Moldovans can freely speak, write and read in Russian. According to the same study, 18% of the population can speak and read Russian, but write it sometimes incorrectly, and only 1% of the participants say that they have no knowledge of the Russian language. The CBS-AXA study was done by the Eurasian Monitor, financed by several Russian foundations.

...and I just found the source, which shows a number of other answers that we needed to see to get a total of 100% of respondents. Besides the three answers mentioned in the article then we can also see:

- In general, could communicate with a Russian speaker: 7.3%
- Understand the language, but cannot speak or cannot speak it well: 5.1%
- Can speak in Russian, but cannot write or read: 3.6%
- Know a limited number of words and expressions: 1.5%
- Can ask questions, but understand answers with difficulty: 1.1%
- Difficult to say: 0.4%


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