Portuguese fifth-most used language online, Chinese very close to English

Friday, May 17, 2013

Came across an article here, apparently referencing data from the International Telecommunication Union, a UN body. After a good amount of searching on the ITU site though it turns out that the numbers do not come from there, they come from our well-known Internetworldstats, a very interesting site to visit but one that updates its numbers perhaps once a year.

French at 60 million still seems very low, and I wish they would add more languages to this top ten. Other back in 2009 was 15.1%, now it's 17.8%.

Portuguese is the fifth most "spoken" language on the internet. Data provided by the International Telecommunication Union show Portuguese to have surpassed Arabic, French and German among the languages with the largest number of online users. The expansion of the internet in Brazil in the past ten years explains most of this, giving at least 83 million people using Portuguese online. The expectation is that it will surpass Japanese (99 million users), reaching fourth place. 
Other numbers:  
English: 565 million
Chinese: 510 million
Spanish: 165 million
German: 75 million
Arabic: 65 million
French: 60 million


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