Another 'other planets in place of the moon' video

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Another one of these videos just got made:

I like this one in particular because of the street below, showing what it would look like to have other planets at the same distance from the point of view of a pedestrian at night. The moon seems unusually small but it's actually correct, and here the street lights also help as the full moon is about as bright. On that note, the only thing perhaps not right about this video is the brightness: the moon and the other planets are shown with their true size, but I believe they would be brighter than this. In spite of that it really shows what it would be like to be a moon orbiting a gas giant planet, and just how much of a spur to becoming a spacefaring civilization it would be. Having the moon in our sky has always drawn our attention to the night sky, but a planet of this size would be entirely different, and it would probably make the idea of a geocentric model of the universe that much harder to form. With moons and planets casting shadows upon each other in a gas giant system, there probably would just be too much naked eye evidence to make it believable to most.


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