Wikivoyage launched

Friday, January 18, 2013

If you've visited Wikipedia this week you may have noticed the following:

Up to now we've had a similar site called Wikitravel, but as a non-Wikimedia Foundation site Wikitravel is only similar in that it uses the same software and has the prefix Wiki. And in the fact that they are both copyleft - see here. This means that the two sites have creepily similar content at the moment, often sharing 100% of the same content, while the two entities running them are embroiled in litigation. How long it will take for the two to start differing in content is hard to say, especially considering how well-developed the pages are. Even the page for Daejeon (a mid-sized city in Korea) is huge, and the huger a page is the harder it can be to make major changes. Minor adjustments are actually easier, since the more information there is the more there is to update, but the overall layout of corresponding articles between the two sites could stay the same for quite some time.


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