Saturday, January 26, 2013

I received an email a few hours ago that was quite unexpected. Here's part of what it contained:

Ep id reikwegh ex id scol apterghieng is me. Kun alters hieb abtrohcen, naviex is me ed salutit. Todschi salut, quayque imitit nies ton om scolpwarns, eet baygh adult ed polite.

« Gwahms wey lyt com ? » sprohg is winlik-ye. Buim flattert ed io nuk. Tun ei descripsim quer weiko.

“Ah, ter ?” sieyg is oismeihnd-ye. “Gnohm ja id dom. Uper vies domdwer wehst semject tem skaun, tod me hat fauran interessen.”

Ne woisim strax-ye quo is mieyn, ed io stieun od is kwohk suagnohe nies domo meis quem ego. Yaghi wohs ka akmenspetra uper id aneta un sorte os vapwn, lakin in id druna iom tids id se hieb fortreht ed hieb est ops upergriht med poig, con nos ed nies familia hieb id, tant-ye io wois, neid ad kwehre.

“Io wois neid de”, ieyim io timid. “Est un av au semquel samlik, id sollt ses baygh veut. Id dom sollt bayghus sme id monasteir. »

« Possible », nuk is. « Suachehx id oins ! Talg jects sont ops baygh interessant. Credeihm tod est un dogan.”

Naghiengam, eem meg captiven. Stayg-ye glih Demian, kamsei semjecto glewost ei enfalliet.

“Ya, ho ghi prispohct vies dars”, iey is akster-ye. “Id storia os Cain, qui bohr id signe ep id chol, ne ver ? Plaist id te ? »

Any guesses? More on this tomorrow.


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