So there's a video in Interslavic

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Interesting video I found out about today thanks to a post on Auxlang:

It's half in English and half in Interslavic, a Slavic constructed language that is kind of like Interlingua or Romanica but based on working back to front instead of the other way around (i.e. from Old Church Slavonic to the present instead of taking existing Slavic languages and going backward).

I first listened to it while doing something else at work so wasn't sure what to expect and could not give it my full attention, but had glanced at the fact that it was filmed in the Czech Republic and thought there might be some Czech in it. When the guy on the right began speaking I had the impression that either 1) Czech is super easy to understand, or 2) this guy is using something similar to Serbian, or 3) perhaps this is what a constructed interslavic language sounds like. Turns out #3 was correct, and even with my smattering of Bulgarian and Serbian I was able to understand it quite well.

I see a grammar has also been published:

The chart at the very last page is a nice touch.


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